Management Solutions & Support

Do you have Standard Operating Procedures (commonly called SOP)? As your operations grow and more people become involved with your day to day work, you will need a way to effectively communicate your expectations. A SOP is a manual that includes standard policies, procedures, and practices that you expect everyone to follow if they are working on your team; this includes volunteers as well as paid staff. In addition to helping you create a SOP manual, SCS also links you to legal counsel and services.

Accounting & Audit Solutions

A healthy organization usually has clean financial records, which starts with good bookkeeping and accounting procedures. Some organizations may be too small to seek professional financial auditing services, but that should not stop you and your team from developing good record keeping habits.

Money Saving Ideas

Everyone is always looking for a “great deal.” SCS is no different. We are constantly scouting programs, software, and services that would help our clients save money without compromising on quality services. When reviewing money saving ideas, SCS doesn’t just look at the price tag, we also consider a cost-benefit analysis before making a decision.