Fund Development Solutions

In an ideal situation, your organization should be able to garner at least 34% support from public donations, at least 33% from “fees for service,” and no more than 33% from public grants. SCS will work with your Board of Directors and Executive Team to assess your organization’s financial health and develop a sustainable fundraising strategy.

Start Up Solutions

Every new beginning requires careful planning. SCS works with members of the Board of Directors to assess current and potential capacity for growing a nonprofit organization or small business. Operating structure, By-laws, Articles of Incorporation, Logic Models, and Business Plans are some of the very basic things that SCS reviews with founding members.

Education & Training

Professional development and access to resourceful networks are key elements in growing and sustaining a nonprofit organization or small business. Investment in human capital and resources are important things to consider when building a strong team and healthy organization culture. It also fosters a healthy working environment.

Project Planning

A successful project starts out with a great idea and a solid plan for execution. Whereas you imagine the vision for your project outcome, SCS provides ideas for how to reach your goals and objectives. Project planning services involve investment in time and financial resources. You will be expected to commit at least 3 hours initially to discuss project expectations, current and anticipated resources, target population, etc.

Outsourcing Solutions

When you are a small start-up, you might not have the financial resources to hire full-time staff that handles your Information Technology (IT) needs, bookkeeping or accounting services, human resources, legal document reviews, graphic designs, liability insurance policies, and/or website maintenance. This is why SCS connects you to a handful of associates or consultants that we work with, so you can explore your outsourcing options.